Direction Plus is a team of consultants that benefits from a solid experience in business management, each member possessing complimentary talents. The team is highly committed to accompanying our clients on a daily basis by furnishing tailor-made solutions. Our success rests on intertwined values that are more than ever crucial for responding to expectations, addressing the present and future stakes of our clients.


By joining us, you will discover the diversity of our activities at the heart of different environments and sectors. In a few short years, the center of our profession has greatly evolved and will be increasingly impacted by the digital revolution, which is profoundly transforming the world in which we work and changing the ways we collaborate, creating at the same time new challenges and opportunities for our clients, and a passionate career track for those who work within Direction Plus.

We put into place customized solutions that strongly impact the area of competency development, producing high added value. We evaluate skills and accompany local and international companies through periods of change

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If you are a person who is…

Passionate when it comes to the development of people and organizations

Enthusiastic and gifted with an “intra-preneur” spirit

Flexible, open minded and able to take on responsibilities

Targeting excellence and looking to make a long-term impact

Desirous to learn and to evolve in a collaborative environment…

Then we are looking forward to meeting you!

Are you interested in an open positions and you think that you have the right profile?

Just a few clicks are all you need to send in your application. You can send your CV and your Cover Letter as attached documents or simply use your Linkedin profile.

Are no positions currently open?

Do not hesitate to contact Daniel to explore future possibilities of working together

All of our offers for internships are published below. If no position is available, do not hesitate to contact Patricia to explore future possibilities of working together.

Desirous to join our team?

We are constantly looking for new talent and future partners.

We are careful to offer our co-workers a work environment that encourages excellence while offering tailor-made service. With that in mind, we offer:

  • A working environment that is deeply human, collaborative; connecting stimulating challenges to a high quality of work life
  • Missions that provide high added value and that are meaningful, for clients that are both local and international
  • Exposure to intercultural contexts
  • Possibilities of continued training and development so that each one might develop his/her impact and employability, while staying aligned to the evolution of our profession
  • Attractive compensation packages and work conditions (part-time, working from home)
  • The assurance of equality between men and women co-workers, a necessary condition, from our point of view, of social and economic fairness
  • A responsible approach when it comes to setting up and improving the company’s social and environmental practices


We think that professional equality implies equal opportunity, especially those offered to youth so that they can have their first experiences.

We are regularly looking for interns who will have the opportunity of acquiring and using competencies at the heart of specific projects or part of a work group, while developing on a relational level. Someone from Direction Plus will be committed to the intern to accompany him/her each step of the way.

All of our offers for internships are published below. If no position is available,

Other partnerships

We are also open to discussing other forms of working together, especially with researchers on a doctorate of post-doc level, as well as research institutes, universities, training establishments, associations, freelancers or innovative startups.

Don’t hesitate to contact Daniel if you are interested.

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