Training and the public sector

Focusing energies on the users with their need to provide relevant, effective and lower-cost services… The specific context of the public and parapublic sector demonstrates that the above statement is no simple matter. Taken seriously, it implies examining systemic management models that take into account the increased complexity that comes from transversal contexts and political decision-making.

With these things in mind, we offer targeted interventions adapted to the realities that typify the public and parapublic sectors in following areas:

  • recruitment at all organizational levels, especially when dealing with the implementation and direction of important projects whose stakes can, at times, be counted in the hundreds of millions of Swiss Francs
  • management training at different levels, starting with the global vision, mission and values of the organization as well as the set objectives of the training; the goal being to ensure the relevance of it as well as good commitment from all the stakeholders affected by the program
  • training and the concrete implementation of change for team leaders and service managers
  • Analysis, advice and follow-up of change projects that call for a reorientation of the present culture

We provide our highly regarded experience in a field where it is hard to underestimate the challenges that polarizing dynamics can bring to the sector. Our interventions facilitate the alignment of all the stakeholders to the objective of creating a positive evolution. This process requires special skills to master the leverage points that characterize the public sector.

Through almost 40 years of experience, we have acquired a solid understanding of the ever-changing environment that describes the sector.

Just a few examples:

  • individual and group assessments for recruiting
  • off-the-shelf solutions that can be used “in house” to facilitate the orientation of current employees
  • development centers to facilitate the transition to a more agile, internal corporate culture
  • tailor-made programs to ensure that promotions are based on skills
  • specific courses within the field of leadership
  • executive coaching

Every organization has its own culture and characteristics, and every person possesses his/her positive attributes as well as individual challenges. We stay particularly attentive to implementing projects co-created with our clients, thus ensuring optimal impact.

By scrupulously respecting a strict code of ethics, by acting with an open, constructive and good willed spirit while setting a standard of excellence when holding participants accountable during training, we allow each employee the possibility of benefitting from productive learning experiences that also help the organization.