How do you manage recruitments in an efficient, effective and equitable manner in regions as diverse as China, the Middle East and Canada, especially if you are headquartered in Switzerland?

How do you grow and empower your people when they are spread all over the globe?

How can you be sure that your managers have received a clear message from headquarters and that they are acting proficiently in the field to reach common objectives?

These questions, and many others, have encouraged our multicultural and multilingual team to propose a variety of services to our international clients such as:

  • “Distance Assessments”, specifically created to carry out an evaluation of candidates’ competencies and potential without obliging them to travel. We also take into account in the best manner possible the cultural uniqueness and the context in which they will function.
  • Activities that can adopt the form of “Team Building” to take maximum advantage of those special encounters that occur among managers from different countries.
  • Development Centers that are individually adapted to different cultures, carried out in Switzerland and in other countries.
  • Programs for personal development for international schools of higher learning.

We make it a point of honor to customize our projects to the specific requirements defined by the organization’s culture and geographical location. We do all that is possible to ensure that our services are optimally adjusted to the backgrounds of the participants, no matter their origin. To date, we have actively contributed to the development of professionals in over 70 countries and regularly operate in cities such as Paris, London, Kyiv, Manila and New York.