Alternating between rapid development, the search for specific profiles that immediately correspond to the requirements of markets that are constantly becoming more competitive… And the gripping need to reduce resources to deal with more difficult economic demands… It is certain that the world of industry is in constant movement.

Our activity in the Industry sector reflects this reality.

When Industry evolves in positive environments, we offer:

  • tailor-made group assessments to identify team skills, opening the door to creating new structures
  • different levels of coaching to prepare both teams and their leaders for change
  • executive Coaching to allow managers of all levels to rapidly progress in their new roles

When circumstances dictate measures that can be painful and ask for a more delicate touch, we stand out in the following ways:

  • by offering a structured and reassuring presence as well as strong commitment to the organization’s Direction, Management and employees before, during and after layoff measures take place
  • by implementing courses for groups or individuals that allow each employee to courageously, and respectfully, live through and overcome moments that are always difficult
  • by providing adaptable coaching for those who need more personal follow-up

Regardless of the type of change considered, we advise and apply recognized and highly relevant systemic principles. We also provide close collaboration that, on the one hand, supports and holds players accountable while, on the other, encourages a respectful and significant contribution of all those involved. We work with you side by side to identify promising solutions and to facilitate ownership of the new situation.