Patients of yesteryear have become, in today’s world, informed and demanding clients; the insured client is now a “consumer”, active in the decision process; insurance companies have become “auditors”… Authorities are now solicited to play the role of “referee”. Competition reigns not only between rival medical offices but also in the field of research, for a long time quite discrete, but now a system that pushes for greater publishing, each article more and more frequently referenced…

For some time now, the medical field has been the subject of profound paradigm shifts.

The fact that head doctor positions or professorships are often tied to responsibilities at the head of a department or team implies that particular attention must also be paid to the managerial skills of these healthcare professionals. Competition between medical facilities stimulates everyone’s appetite for the best talent. If successful, they can then showcase their service by publicizing their business’ strong interpersonal and social skills.

  • Customized, high-level, and multilingual assessments for candidates in key positions for University hospitals.
  • Assessments of specific skill sets for managers in charge of administrative duties, human resources and hospital logistics.
  • Reporting to different hospital commissions to help in the decision-making process, offering clear comparisons between the candidates.
  • A program for empowering Human Resource executives in their positions as they take on a more significant role as Business Partners.

The current pressures on the medical field are not about to weaken. We work hand-in-hand with the leadership of medical institutions to reinforce their capacity to offer cutting-edge services with a laser focus on hiring and promoting individuals with high potential, carrying out a demanding, yet objective, evaluation.