Executive coaching

Performance is potential less the obstacles…

How do you optimize potential and allow managers to be completely in the “flow”; that is, feel up to the task of using their skills to effectively lead their teams and reach their objectives? How do you allow them to overcome any potential internal resistance that might keep them from carrying out their managerial function?

Of course, we offer an analysis of the future suitability of the candidate to a given position. At the same time, our observation provides axes of development to optimize the manager’s framework while working with his/her team. These axes can then become coaching objectives that can be worked on before the promotion takes place, or in the months directly following.

Our executive coaching is conceived as an intensive partnership between the coach and the coachee, and we follow the ethical guidelines of the International Coach Federation (ICF). The manager sets his/her own objectives (defined with his/her superiors) and is responsible for their implementation, using practical exercises between coaching sessions. The coach provides a framework, benevolent yet confronting, in order to invite the coached individual to progress in a pragmatic manner while forming practical managerial habits, all the while taking into consideration the unique context of the business.

Whether the coaching serves as training for new skills (e.g., for managers at the operational level), or for taking a step back to get a bird’s eye view of a manager’s actions and reinforce appropriate skills (e.g., for middle managers), or for senior executives to strengthen the relationship between the leadership they employ and the vision they are called upon to develop, we adapt our coaching to meet those needs. It is also clearly targeted and defined in time.