Assessments of skills and potential

Identify and retain talent: a strategic mission if ever there was one! It has been long recognized that successful companies adhere to the trustworthy saying that their greatest value lies in their people. For this reason, businesses compete when it comes to investing in the experiential journey that will accompany their employees throughout their careers. True talent does not disappoint: It immediately recognizes that the high level of skills demanded in an assessment provides the opportunity to show what s/he can do. The assessment becomes an opportunity to shine!

Offering an assessment to candidates in whom businesses show a strong interest goes far beyond a simple assessment that determines “fit”, although that is of great importance. Rather, the assessment that evaluates competencies needed for success in specific environments serves as a tool for managerial development, and becomes an opportunity for growth during the feedback sessions. Leading these gifted high potentials during the process are quality assessors who look to their experience, their knowhow and their leadership to properly assess the candidates.

When it comes to promotions, the assessment brings to light the skills needed to step up to the next level. It serves to reassure, both the organization and the candidate, the pertinence of advancing from one level to another. It also demonstrates the ability of the organization to manage the skills of its people on a solid basis.

For hiring or promoting, we commit ourselves to provide uncompromising, high added-value assessments that take place in a professional and constructive atmosphere, one that promotes trust and quality relationships. Beyond our responsibility to act as advisors or observers, our consultants are your ambassadors.