Accompanying organizations through digital transformation

Everyone is talking about it. Many are worried about it. Numerous are those adopting short-term measures to “go digital”. Few, however, feel they have done all that is needed to face the new situation; seizing the opportunities digital transformation brings while facing up to the potential consequences.

One cannot improvise the measures to take in order to transform an organization into the digital world. Moreover, those measures cannot be limited to short-term results. Most of the time, the introduction of digital tools implies internal reorganization that affects both processes and mentalities. To ignore this reality is to expose oneself to numerous resistances, to important delays, to absenteeism or even to a higher turnover in personnel.

“Take change by the hand rather than wait for it to grab you by the throat…” With this saying in mind, we set up programs that support change in companies to ensure that each employee is fully involved and can contribute in a significant manner to success through a proactive transition rather than by simply reacting to situations.

Initially, a special emphasis is put on establishing close collaboration between the team leader and the consultant, through a distribution of roles and responsibilities that leaves nothing to chance. The goal is to strengthen the role of each individual as a “change manager”. The consultant acts as a partner and an advisor, bringing a strong added value to the process through recognized methodology, practical tools and wise advice. At a later stage, workshops are provided to allow teams to grasp what is at stake, to understand the objectives, to increase the success criteria and to design the most appropriate path towards the goal. A particular emphasis is placed on understanding the consequences of change for internal and external clients.