Notre histoire

  • 2018

    Accompanying our clients at a critical time of digital transformation

    Facing a world in full effervescence, we are reinforcing our abilities to accompany our clients through this period of digital transformation.
    We are allying our historical strengths with those of the future by cooperating with a new generation of highly-digitally-connected consultants who are ready to take the lead.
    We continue operating with our “old system” with the goal of better grasping the constant evolution of the needs of our clients and partners in order to respond in ways that are efficient, flexible and adaptable.
    A particular effort is made to reinforce our ability to offer agile solutions to organizations so that all those involved are able to take advantage of the new situation.

  • 2018

    Opening our new offices; a new event; evolution in communication

    We are reviewing our message and methods of communication (a new site created in cooperation with the company SHAREFORCE; publishing articles that allow our clients to continuously benefit from what we bring to the table).
    Exchange of experiences “LIVE” by organizing an evening “Taste and Test” for our VUCA Development Centers (The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, May 29).
    Round Table discussion to explore the needs of younger generations, in collaboration with Prof. Schmid-Mast (UNIL-HEC) and the EPFL’s Career Center.
    Opening our offices in Geneva.

  • 2017

    The Launching of our VUCA Development Centers

    The launching of a VUCA Development Center for CEOs and Chairmen of the Board for an international bank specialized in microcredit.
    Execution of Development Centers in Asia (adapting the program to respond to intercultural expectations), in the USA and in Europe to the benefit of a multinational company specialized in the security of digital financial transactions.

  • 2016

    Acquisition of the SQS “Swiss Assessment” label

    Acquisition of the “Swiss Assessment” label administered by the Institution of Swiss Quality Standards (re-certification).
    The introduction of “flipped” classes for three courses on Leadership and Systemic Analysis, Change Management, and Time Management.

  • 2015

    Implementing Digital Solutions

    Online production of Problem Resolution simulations
    Program initiated in London for Talent Management (High Potentials) for a Multinational.
    Development of a significant recruiting program for the hiring of professors and executives in a university hospital environment.
    Reinforcement of coaching programs according to ICF standards.

  • 2013

    Obtention du label de certification « Swiss Assessment »Acquisition of the “Swiss Assessment” label

    Acquisition of the “Swiss Assessment” label.
    Conceptualization and setup of “full day” Assessments for future CEOs, with simulations evaluating operational, organizational and strategic levels.

  • 2012

    Daniel Villard becomes the CEO of Direction Plus

  • 1982

    Fondation of Direction Plus

    Direction Plus is founded
    Under the name “AC Direction”, Jacques Brochon creates the company that is now known as Direction Plus.